Dear Staff,

This communique serves to inform staff that due to the positive case of COVID -19 reported at SAAD department yesterday (05/11/2020), the office will be closed pending contact tracing and fumigation processes. 

These particular cases and others highlight the ever-present risk of this pandemic to members of our community and thus the importance of strict adherence to health protocols that we have on Campus. 

The purpose of this mail is to alert staff of the aforementioned case and urge everyone to remain calm but stay vigilant at all times in order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. To this extent and once again, we call on everyone to frequently wash hands, sanitize, cover nose and mouth with a mask and maintain social distance in all public spaces both on and off campus. Please note that the wearing of Masks is compulsory and will henceforth be enforced through the Occupational Health Nurse Practitioner’s Office.

We would also urge everyone to remain compassionate and not to stigmatize anyone. We continue to thank our local and international front-line workers in the health services, border control, law enforcement and other essential service provisions for keeping us healthy and safe.

Please note that once a staff member is picked up for contact tracing, they are required to immediately inform Botho University Human Resource Office or Health Centre at telephone numbers 3635490/71320063 or 3635474/71631833, respectively so that appropriate measures can be taken in keeping with COVID-19 protocols.

Together we can stop the spread of COVID – 19.



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