HR Circular 008 – 2020 – WFH Guidelines Addendum

Dear Staff

This document serves as an addendum to the already circulated Working From Home (WFH) Guidelines for Botho University staff. It is written and circulated to staff to ensure that issues that keep emerging during the COVID 19 period which could not have been addressed initially are brought in to guide staff and management to cope with the challenges during this period. In this regard staff is informed and advised as follows:

1.  In the event a staff member or a group of staff in a particular Faculty/Office/Department are required to go on quarantine/isolation owing to having tested positive for coronavirus or being a primary contact to a positive person, the following will apply:

●      The quarantined/isolated staff must immediately inform their respective Supervisors about their status and request to be facilitated to continue delivering work from home in a manner similar to current procedures outlined in the WFH Guidelines.

●      The Supervisor shall discuss and set work deliverables with the staff member as stated in paragraphs 3 and 8 of the WFH Guidelines and accordingly monitor attainment of same.

●      Where there is no work for the staff to do owing to the nature of his/her job, other work responsibilities shall be assigned.

●      Non-availability of the internet or the required infrastructure shall not be accepted for non-performance.

●      The University reserves the right to take the necessary action as stated in the Staff Handbook against any staff member who misuses the COVID 19 quarantine or self-isolation provisions.

●      All staff members who work from home should meet their work deliverables and performance standards to the satisfaction of their Supervisors.

●      Staff may utilize their annual leave (in case they are unable to continue with their work deliverables or are unable to work).

●      Supervisors are expected to follow up and address staff who fail to perform their duties and meet agreed performance targets timely. 

●      The Staff member shall also immediately inform the Occupational Health Practitioner (OHP), University Health Clinic who shall ensure the dissemination of information in the appropriate channels.

●      The Staff member shall continue to timely update both the Supervisor and OHP regarding his/her status and recovery, as appropriate.

2.  In the event that a Faculty/Office/Department is closed, and operations ceased.

●      The Dean/Campus Head should issue a communication to all staff clearly indicating how critical operations/services will be sustained during the period of closure.

●      The OHP shall liaise with the relevant COVID Offices for testing of staff and undertake other required logistics. Staff members are required to cooperate with the OHP in this regard.

●      The OHP and the Property Office shall immediately arrange for fumigation of the affected offices.

3. All staff members returning from quarantine/self-isolation should ensure that they receive a Certificate of Fitness from the relevant COVID Offices and submit it to the OHP before resuming duty.

Kind Regards 

Human Resources Department  

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