The National Science Week is an initiative by the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science and Technology which is aimed at harnessing the skills of the youth by encouraging them to apply themselves in different educational paths. confectionery. In 2019, the Ministry joined forces with the STEM festival hosted by Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), in order to cultivate innovation as a collective project and in October 2020 the joint project introduced a Hackathon.  

This was the first hackathon and the BU team had the honor of participating in it. Participants of the hackathon consisted of students from Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary and Tertiary institutions as well as out of School youth. Categories were therefore formed from the respective school levels and an open category for the out of school youth. From the tertiary category there were 9 teams.

BU made it to the top three (3) together with BAC which took first place and BUIST team which took second place. BU teamโ€™s solution to the challenge given was centered on data and information gathering that will be used to mend policies that fight against Gender Based Violence (GBV). Our Virtual platform featured instant chat (with qualified psychologists) that enabled users to share information about GBV incidents or witnessed GBV incidents anonymously.

The Virtual platform also has featured whistleblower section and News feed to share ideas and overall awareness against GBV. The team has participated in many other different hackathons prior to this one because they are problem solvers, they believe in being vessels for change and they appreciate platforms such as hackathons that allow for burning issues to be addressed by practical means.

BU therefore encourages other fellow students to follow the example set by these students and be a part of the solution-based economy that Botswana strives for. The students stated that the experience has taught them to be critical thinkers and has permitted them a chance to network with other national brilliant minds and that they look forward to similar opportunities.

1. Evita Tlhobogang- BSc in Network Security and Computer Forensics
2. Amogelang Tshukudu- BSc in Computing
3. Thato Ketsogile โ€“ BSc in Multimedia Systems
4. Laone Sebakeng- BSc in Health Information Management 

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