ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT (Ms. Milidzani Tafa Founder of The cupcake Kitchen)

Ms. Milidzani Tafa is the owner of The Cupcake Kitchen bakery which is located in Gaborone Botswana, It was established in May 2015. She holds a BSc.  Honors in Business Management. The business specializes in event cupcakes, cakes, cookies, biscuits and other confectionery. The Cupcake Kitchen’s mission is to sell high quality pastries through creativity and great tasting. The business caters for a  wide demography that includes dessert lovers, biscuit lovers, cake lovers just to mention a few. The enterprise is also health conscious as they cater for diet conscious clients. 

The products are baked every day to ensure  freshness and quality. The business upholds the principle of great customer service and therefore ensures effective product delivery. Ms. Tafa stated that “the act of baking is a form of self-expression”. She further said that when she was still a student in Botho, going home and baking helped her relax and unwind. “It simply felt like me”

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