Students & Alumni Affairs Department- SAAD hosted  its first entrepreneurship live session on efforts by the University to contribute towards the Mainstreaming of Entrepreneurship as an alternative to Employment.

The University always had entrepreneurship development at the helm of its strategy. The module, essentials of entrepreneurship is offered across all programs to ensure that all students have an entrepreneurial mindset. In 2016, the University through SAAD introduced an initiative called the entrepreneurship lab (ELab), this has culminated into more meaningful collaborations and initiatives and has cemented the University within the entrepreneurship development ecosystem.

The live session which was hosted on the Botho University facebook page highlighted these initiatives and collaborations. The session also had on Spotlight its graduate, Ms. Olerato Morweng– a shining example of the caliber of entrepreneurs the university aspires to produce!

Ms. Morweng is the founder and publishing director of Young Entrepreneurs Botswana Magazine and Valiant Publishers. She did not only share her journey and experience as a young entrepreneur but also demonstrated Botho University’s contribution to her growth. She concluded by encouraging the Botho University community- students and graduates alike to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the university, including the newly set up Business Directory platform and other opportunities such as the call to run the Botho University Gift Shop.

For more information reach out to the Students & Alumni Affairs Department at: or +267 3635480

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