BU Graduates Qualify for The 2020/2021 Chinese Scholarship

With the efforts to strengthen the partnership with Botho University, the Chinese Government offered Scholarships to three (3) BU Students for the year 2020/2021. Meet Tshiamo Molelekeng, one of the scholarship beneficiaries who graduated with a BSc (Hons) Health Information Management.

Check out her exclusive interview on the 2020/2021 Chinese Scholarship

  • What does the scholarship mean to you and as a graduate of Botho University?

This is an exciting opportunity, it humbled me and I am now more driven than ever to create a fully rewarding education experience for myself. This is not only assisting my financial needs in the present but ensuring my success in life. As a graduate from BU, pursuing a Master in Business Administration(MBA) will not only give me a greater sense of confidence in my academic prowess but also in my ability to complete what I have started and to move into positions of leadership.

  • Through your journey with BU, how has the university impacted your life?

Studying with Botho University broadened my horizons. I learnt a lot not only the theory and practice in my specific degree but also important life lessons. University life built my confidence and my interpersonal relations. Botho has built my career from receiving those “Deans awards” motivated me to work hard to get more, in the end, I had a wonderful transcript (I always smile when I look at that transcript). One more thing “Independency” here I am, you can say that being at university is like being in a bubble, it’s quite a special environment. And many students believe that real life after graduation is what makes them truly independent and mature. As for me, I think independence comes with moving to university, you live on your own, no help from your parents anymore, making initiatives and making my own decisions are valuable lessons.

  • What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to more opportunities, life-changing experiences and learning new cultures and traditions. Supersaturated as the market is right now, I’m looking forward to bringing so much back home so to contribute to the economic growth of Botswana.

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