Botho University Gaborone and Francistown Campuses Opening to Students 1 June 2020

We realise that the last two months of school shutdowns and the nation-wide lockdown have been difficult for all members of our University community. We would like to thank you for the hard work you have put in to continue your studies by engaging with your lecturers, classmates and your learning materials online through Blackboard and other tools.

In line with Government communications that have come out recently, Botho University will be reopening to students in Botswana from Monday, 1st June 2020.

All staff, students and visitors to campus will be required to register at the entrance and have their temperature taken. Everyone is requested to follow social distancing norms when queuing at the entrance and to follow all the instructions of the personnel performing and assisting with these important entry checks. Please expect lengthy waiting times. Everyone will need to wash their hands with soap and water or sanitize their hands before entering campus.

Please note that it will be mandatory for everyone to wear a mask at all times on campus, and we request every student to assist the University in reminding anyone that breaks that rule. In addition to the health and safety reasons, we are all required by law to wear a mask in public. Any person found repeatedly disregarding social distancing and mask rules will be asked to leave the campus.

As lecturers have already completed their milestones and students are working on their end assessments, classes will start only for the following modules for which remaining practicals could not be completed online. External programmes where examination cancellations and date changes affected teaching and learning will also start classes.

C7-MDP-13 Mobile Device Programming (Gaborone)E7-MAM-14 Microprocessors and Microcontroller (Gaborone)
C8-MAD-11 Mobile Application Development (Gaborone) E7-EL1-14 Electrical Machinery Laboratory1 (Gaborone)
C7-JAV-11 Programming using Java (Gaborone)E7-IIN-14 Industrial Instrumentation (Gaborone)
E8-DSP-14 Digital Signal Processing (Gaborone) E5-END-18 Engineering Drawing (Gaborone)
C6-WDD-19 Web Design and Development (Gaborone)E5-EWP-18 Engineering Workshop Practice (Gaborone)
C8-3DA-14 3D Design and Animation (Gaborone)E5-PL2-14 Physics-2 Laboratory (Gaborone)
C8-MIA-13 Mobile Internet Applications and Services (Gaborone)E6-GEM-14 Gemmology (Gaborone
E7-FMT-14 Fundamentals of Metal Finishing and Testing (Gaborone)C7-AVP-17 Audio Video Production (Gaborone)
E8-PRO-14 Project in Jewellery Management (Gaborone)C8-CP2-11 Creative Publications 2 (Gaborone)
C7-2DA-14 2D Design and Animation (Gaborone)E8-ISD-14 Innovation for Sustainable Development (Gaborone)
E8-PEL-14 Power Electronics Laboratory (Gaborone)H5-LOP-14 Laundry Operations (Gaborone)
E7-MIC-14 Microprocessors (Gaborone)H5-HKP-14 Housekeeping Operations (Gaborone)
E8-EPS-14 Electrical Power Systems (Gaborone) C8-MAN-11 Malware Analysis (Francistown)
E8-ESY-14 Embedded Systems (Gaborone)C8-NH2-11 Managing Hardware Network 2 (Francistown)
E7-DEL-14 Digital Electronics Laboratory (Gaborone)External programmes: AAT, ACCA, CIMA, BICA and CIPFA

The batch schedule for these modules/programmes will be released soon on the student portal and will be communicated to students by their lecturers. These classes are expected to start from Tuesday, 2nd June 2020. Please note that batch sizes will be reduced for some modules in order to help with social distancing in the classroom or laboratory, therefore, please ensure that you check your schedules. Classes for laboratory modules will run for the first two weeks and classes for external programmes will run for at least the month of June. Students will be allowed on campus from Monday, 1st June 2020 to attend scheduled classes and to use practice rooms, the library and general Internet facilities to complete their end assessments. All spaces on campus will require strict social distancing of two metres or an empty seat between every student with general student gatherings limited to at most two students.

We are aware that there are a few students who were absolutely unable to study online during the school shutdown and national lockdown period due to insurmountable challenges. A mitigation process has been put in place to assist these students. Students who wish to apply for mitigation must submit their application between 1st and 24th June 2020. We would, however, request students to apply for mitigation as soon as possible as processing of applications will be done on a continuous basis. Please note that mitigation applications and submission of supporting evidence documents can be done online and through WhatsApp. The Mitigation Guidelines document which provides necessary details on how to apply has been shared with all students over Blackboard. We would request that only those students who genuinely had insurmountable challenges and thus were unable to study online, to apply for mitigation. It is expected that classes for students applying for mitigation will be conducted in July – the exact schedule and dates will be released after applications have been closed and mitigation requests have been processed.

Please note that all staff have been encouraged to work from home as much as possible for the health and safety of all members of the University community. All departments will, however, be operational as the University has systems in place to allow staff to work from home. Students are encouraged to contact their lecturers and other departments over Blackboard, email, phone and WhatsApp for assistance. The email addresses and WhatsApp numbers for all relevant departments have been listed below. In person helpdesk services will, however, be operational on campus – students are requested to make use of these services only when absolutely necessary and to follow strict social distancing rules when queuing for services.

Gaborone Campus Contact List:
Department/AreaEmailWhatsApp (W) and Telephone (T) (W), 74220891 (T)
Information (W)
Student & Alumni (W, T) (T) (W), 72459826 (W), 77662285 (W) (W), 71980145/48/49/50/51/52/54/83 (W) (W)
Academic queriescontact your lecturer
General student (include your student ID and campus name)
Francistown Campus Contact List:
Department/AreaEmailWhatsApp (W) and Telephone (T) (T)
Information (T)
Student & Alumni (T) (T) (W), 71802011 (W) (W) (W)
Academic queriescontact your lecturer
General student (include your student ID and campus name)

The health and safety of all members of our University community is very important to us and we would request that everyone do their part to continue learning and operations while maintaining social distance, washing and sanitising hands and wearing masks at all times. We look forward to welcoming you back on campus from Monday, 1st June 2020.

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