Experts urge African leaders to include technology in curriculum delivery post-Covid-19

It is a well known fact that due to the outbreak of the CoronaVirus pandemic many economies around the world have been affected across many segments. This includes the education sector as many schools, colleges and universities are closed in order to curb the spread of the virus.

Axiom Learning Solutions conducted an online conference on disruption & innovation reshaping education in Africa. Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor – Employ-ability and Technology of Botho University Mrs. Aravinda Ram along with other experts across Africa participated in the 2nd series (of the 4 series conference) on Technology and Innovation.

Mrs. Aravinda Ram and other experts advised that continuity of education and related activities amid a pandemic can only be ensured when leaders in their respective countries within the continent, embrace technological learning solutions.

“There has to be a shift towards online and open education in Africa during a pandemic and technology has to be included in curricular delivery to make this happen,” said Mrs. Ram.

Also speaking in the conference, Mansur Liman, Director General, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria said that “210 countries have currently closed their schools with 1.5 billion children affected, accounting for 90.2 percent of enrolled learners since the spread of the coronavirus”

Botho University aims to play a critical role in contributing towards various ideas towards the fight against Covid-19 and expected to be part of more such conferences either as a participant or as a host in the coming days.

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