Staff Weekly Appreciation:11 May

It is with great pleasure that we would like to recognise some more of our colleagues for the great work they are doing. These are individuals that show us how with Excellence, Leadership and Innovation, we can overcome any challenges and keep the Botho flag flying high.

Tidimalo Pence: Pence works in the Blended and Distance Learning Campus located in Gaborone. He has been a critical member of the team. He has made sure that all reports are taken at regular intervals and shared with respective Faculties to allow them to quality assure and manage their modules. He has also been working tirelessly with Brighton Banda in launching the free webinar which has so far trained about 1000 teachers and students across the region. 

Lipolelo Ntlele: Ntlele teaches in the Faculty of Business and Accounting in Maseru. She has shown immense commitment to overcome challenges faced like data issues and student participation challenges to ensure continuity of teaching. She has engaged students well and has received very good student feedback for teaching during the lockdown period and has received excellent feedback from her supervisor as well.

Duelang Ngwako: Ngwako is a Senior Team Leader in the Admissions Department in Gaborone. He coordinated the use of WhatsApp to ensure that the Admissions team could still service their customers. He is a creative thinker who has come up with a number of ideas on how to maximize recruitment during this crisis for Distance Learning and Campus Learning.

Olivia Nthoi: Nthoi teaches in the Faculty of Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism in Gaborone. She has successfully used Facebook Watch Parties to promote student participation and make her classes exciting.  Her students watch videos, such as Minister of Tourism and BTO briefings on COVID-19 and tourism, on Facebook together in real time interacting with each other through Facebook reactions or comments. The watch parties are followed by moderated discussions on Blackboard and WhatsApp.

Moitse Bee: Bee works in the Assessments Department in Gaborone. He has been actively performing all his assessment related duties through proper coordination and effective communication. He collected plagiarism reports from all MBA lecturers working in coordination with the HOD. He consolidated and quality checked marks to ensure they were ready in time for the FAC and result release, and ensured that he communicated on time to all MBA students who needed to supplement. 

Ambili Thomas: Thomas teaches in the Faculty of Computing in Gaborone. She keeps her students engaged and motivated using Whatsapp, Blackboard, phone calls and emails. In addition to sharing videos, audio lectures and other materials, she promotes extensive interaction through blackboard discussion forums by assigning 50% of some internal assessment marks to blackboard participation. She has also kept in touch with students showing empathy to help them cope with the new realities of living with a pandemic.

Samuel Chingoiro: Dr. Chingoiro teaches in the Faculty of Business and Accounting in Gaborone and the Blended and Distance Learning Campus. Despite challenges, he was able to engage his students whilst in Zimbabwe both in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. He has also been actively involved in the development of new programmes such as the Master of Commerce in Finance.

Philile Dlamini: Dlamini is a Finance and Administration officer in Manzini. She remained committed to doing work despite not having all the resources. She used her personal cell phone and laptop to keep in touch with the team and due to the partial lockdown in Eswatini went to the office when the need arose. She managed to get the University registered for eTax and ensured timely filings with the Eswatini Revenue Authority (ERA), ensured the campus team gave social support to a fellow colleague who had a bereavement, and handled timely supplier payments.

Sumburani Sigauke: Sigauke works as Education Manager and Senior Lecturer for the Faculty of Business and Accounting in Francistown. He has done an excellent job teaching online and has kept his students engaged on both Blackboard and WhatsApp through questions to students and individual feedback. He has consistently managed a commendable attendance of around 97%.

Thank you Pence, Ntlele, Ngwako, Nthoi, Bee, Thomas, Chingoiro, Dlamini, Sigauke and everyone else who we missed in today’s mail for your great commitment during this period of lockdown to support your students, team members and the institution. You are an inspiration to us all. We urge everyone to benchmark with these and other colleagues so that we can all learn from the best practices of each other. We know that many others could easily be listed on this email – keep up the great work! In the meantime, please keep your supervisors and Deans informed of the great work you are doing and look out for another mail like this in the next couple of weeks.

Best wishes,

Human Resources Department

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