Staff Announcement: Relief Funds, BU Donations & Free Online Teacher Training

Dear Staff Members,

Relief Funds have been established to help Governments in our respective Countries to raise funds to assist in the fight against Covid-19. Governments are appealing to their respective nations, and private companies to heed their call to assist in donating to the Funds and in kind. Contributions from Corporate Companies, Parastatals and individuals are being provided to assist the respective Governments to take care of the Economy and its people during this crisis.

Botho University has also played its part by contributing both in cash and kind. Through the BDL campus, we have offered free online training to many teachers in Botswana. We are planning the same in the other countries we operate. Further, the university has donated in cash, Pula 100,000 towards the COVID 19 Relief Fund of Botswana. It will continue to make these donations looking at the situation in all the countries.

In addition to this, The Directors had also earmarked 10% of their remuneration towards COVID 19 Relief Fund. On hearing this, some of our colleagues with a huge and kind heart volunteered to contribute. They requested that the contribution amount be deducted from their salaries. This grand gesture and initiative is highly appreciated. 

Knowing the Botho Family well, there might be other staff members who may also wish to contribute towards these causes but are not sure of how to go about the same. Those who would like to contribute should provide their details through this link here.

HR will collect all these amounts from your salary and forward them to the respective Government Relief Fund with all your names and value contributed.

Hands that serve are Holier than Lips that pray. Remember, it is not how big or how small the contribution is, but rather the motive and good heart behind the donation.

If you need any clarification, please contact Jaya Ramanarayanan, DPVC, Operations or Irene K. Rakgati, HR manager.

Stay Safe, Take Care

Best Regards,

Human Resource Department

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