Botho University Lesotho participates in the 2020 higher education fair

Botho University was once again invited to participate in the annual Higher Education Fair organised by the Council of Higher Education-Lesotho.

The event popularly known as the CHE Fair is held every year around February/March months is conducted in order for Higher Education Institutions to showcase their bouquet of programmes, facilities, infrastructure and also to guide the prospective students on application requirements for various programmes the exhibiting institutions offer.

CHE fair also provides as a platform of easy access to information for students interested in Higher Education Institutions and other organizations that provide financial support to students about to enrol in higher education. 

The event began with a procession by all invited institutions of Higher Learning and Botho University students entertained the audience with a dance routine much to the enjoyment of the audience with ululations and applause to the entertainment dished by Botho University Theatre Group.

This year’s Fair ran from Thursday, 27th February 2020 to Friday, 28th February 2020. It was an opportune moment for the University to interact with multitudes of students from every corner of the country to experience the visual displays and demonstrations present at the stall from the various faculties.

Botho University used this event to assist prospective students to apply for admission on the spot as long as they have the necessary documents required for admission into the university.


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