More tips to make your social distance period fun!

These are times where studying online is really convenient.

Most country governments have urged the public to practice social distancing and stay indoors to contain and limit the spread of coronavirus pandemic. However, we can’t deny the fact that remaining indoors can become really boring and depressing more especially if you have nothing to do.

Luckily for you, there plenty of activities you can still do from home, such as online learning to keep you occupied and productive.

Here are more things to do while stuck indoors:

Start a blog

There will be more people than ever remaining indoors during this period and that means that a lot of people will be looking for things to do online, so this is actually a good and interesting activity you can do, as you can make online friends…Think about it. Any topic that excites you or that will interest the public.

Plus its a great way to hone your writing skills and get your creative juices flowing.

Get in touch with old friends

This is another thing you could do while stuck indoors, you could remind your old friends of what you all used to be up to, you will be surprised of how quickly time passes by.

With so many social media sites available it’s easy to link up with college/high school friends or even ex’s!

Play games with your family, board games maybe…

This is a great way of having fun and starting fun conversations with your loved ones. Board games don’t come with many distractions such as social media or the internet, with board games, you will give in your 100% attention.

Watch movies you have always neglected

Remember all those movies neglected? Well, now is the time to finally watch them and find out what is really behind the screen.

Not only movies, documentaries and historical series are a good way to gain general knowledge and keep your mind sharp

Hola Amigo’- Hello friend – translated in Spanish

Learn foreign languages, it can be from phone apps or video calls with new fiends you make online, whatever works for you!

Meditate, do not medicate

Write down your feelings this is the time to finally sit down with yourself and finally feel and go through your feelings. Lay in bed for a while, close your eyes, and hold your breath for a few seconds…in and out! Bond with yourself.

Look for old family photo album

You would be surprised at how fast people grow and change probably physically or with body physic, it’s also a great way to laugh and think about old memories.

We’ve got you during this difficult time, and with these tips we hope that you will make the best of this social distancing.

Our online studies are still continuing as usual, and this is why even today we still encourage you to apply with Botho University blended and distance learning, to make sure that no matter what happens, your dreams are never delayed.

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