Hospitality industry has potential to rebound post COVID-19

Up until very recently, the hospitality industry had been among the biggest employers globally?

Enter the current Coronavirus and everything has changed, dramatically. Most hotel facilities across the world have been forced to temporarily halt operations, because bookings have been cancelled and also people can’t travel.  Staff retrenchments have been put in motion, a situation set to reduce numbers of employed staff in the aftermath of the disease.

Reduction of staff is something most fear because it means not earning a wage or salary. Households will be affected as bread winners will no longer be able to bring cash home at the end of the month. We all have stress from lack of cash and we can’t plan for the next day or month without money.

In Africa, tourist destinations like Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, almost all hotel facilities have been reported to have closed shop to stop the spread of Covid-19 with different players stating that they will open shop at different intervals. That means some hotels and accommodation providers will likely open long after the government stipulated 21 days lockdown.

Another scenario is that hotel occupancies are likely to take some time to peak since most potential travellers will slowly wake up to a post Covid-19 reality. They would need to regain confidence of certain destinations, and so influencing their choice to immediately go on holiday or wait a bit and see what the situation would be. Retrenchments and layoffs will also add to the reduction of those seeking for a holiday.

While the future of the hospitality industry, is yet to be defined with regards to resumption of operations, the hospitality industry is expected to regain its glory, in terms of employing large numbers of people. It may take a while but hotels will certainly bounce back to play a key role in absorbing the massive numbers of graduates from tertiary institutions and hotel schools across Africa and internationally.

The situation may look unpleasant right now for hospitality jobs but still those who are keen to pursue a degree in hospitality should consider going ahead with their plans. The fact that people will still want to travel as a form relaxation and for business informs that the hospitality industry holds the key to more employment.

We are proud to say that our Botho University, is well placed to nurture young leaders for the hospitality industry. We will continue to contribute to the hospitality industry job market in the long term. Our BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management within the Blended and Distance Learning Programmes provides is an accredited qualification that gives holders the chance to progress in an exciting and rewarding industry.

The BSc (Hons) in Hospitality Management programme’s core modules consist of Laundry Operations, Housekeeping Operations, Introduction to Hotel Operations, Front Office and Reservations Operations, Kitchen Operations, Bar Operations, Food Service Operations, Introduction to Food and Beverage, Hospitality Human Resource Management, Travel and Leisure and so on.

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