News of Coronavirus vaccines mustn’t lead to complacency

The rise of deaths around the world from Coronavirus is something that deeply concerns many. In Africa healthy facilities and preparedness fall far behind world standards. When we see developed nations overwhelmed by the disease, it really hammers home the fact that we have a mammoth task ahead of us.

Amid all this seeming gloom and doom are the reported new vaccines being developed across the world by companies and academic centres in the US, UK, China, Australia, India, Italy, France just to mention a few. Vaccine news is welcome, and we are all looking to the day the medicines finally roll out for distribution to the markets.

It’s expected for everyone to welcome the news but people must be warned against starting to celebrate as it may lead to sort of relax against prevention or vigilance against Covid-19. Once you do that you risk the health of not only yourself but also those around you / anyone who you might come into contact with.

The main reason why it’s improper to celebrate news of vaccine that are under development is that it may in the end fail to pass certain stages of tests. Various rigorous tests are mandatory and usually take as much as several years to be certain if the vaccines are effective or not. If they are effective they are then rolled out to the public.

All of us shouldn’t in any way be complacent from the news that is coming out about vaccines being on the way.

So at the moment all the medicines that are being reported in various media across the world could end up being non-events or may even decades to reach regulation stage. Meaning that the public may never get to use them or take a lifetime to access them. The message this sends is that as members of the society you’re advised to keep prevention as a top priority, rather than pin your hopes on a vaccine that may never make it on the market.

You also need to know that human trials of the vaccines usually undergo many stages before they get to be used for immunisation at a global scale. Experts say its possible vaccines in development may not be safe or effective.

As the numbers of deaths rise in countries that were first to feel the impact of Covid-19 and those that initially experienced low levels of cases, sufferers and everyone else who want quick solutions have their sights on the vaccines, chiefly due to the ability of vaccines to protect us from getting infected.

Coronavirus or Covid-19 whichever way you prefer to call it is the fast spreading disease that has locked down the world after being declared a global disaster.

The pandemic is real and we can only stop it through prevention rather than cure! You are all urged to roll our sleeves in coming together to do our individual parts to stem the spread of the pandemic that is threatening human existence. Follow all the Do’s and Don’ts.

To prevent contact with the Coronavirus stay within the limits of health ministry’s rule such as staying indoors during the lockdown while you’re following all the recommended prevention methods.

Hope is on the reported discovery of “vaccines” around the world and the sooner they are made available to all, the better/

 Let’s continue totake preventive measures against Covid-19, however exciting the vaccines maybe.

Stay safe.

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