4 things you can do to keep sane in self-isolation

As the number of coronavirus cases grows globally each and every day, the World Health Organisation has called for people to self-isolate at home if they have just returned from overseas or have been in contact with someone who has been confirmed with coronavirus (COVID-19). Health experts and the government are attempting to minimise the outbreak of the coronavirus through self-isolation or social distancing.

You will be confronted with the fact that many things you normally do are not available right now. During this time, we may all need to find some things to do now that we can’t go anywhere. It is important to keep a schedule during self-isolation to give purpose to your day and not have you feeling like it’s the end of the world.

So when boredom strikes, it calls for some creativity.

Here are four things to do to keep you sane in self-isolation:

  1. Read a book

It is time to read that book that has been sitting on your shelf for the past few months. Indulge in a chick-lit, raise your imagination with the best-selling novel or relax and enjoy some comic. Whatever your interests, keep your reading light and don’t overwhelm yourself. If you feel your eyes are tired and you need to switch up, you can download yourself an audiobook.

Happy reading!

  • Play games

Put your brain to the test and do something challenging. There are lots of games you can play from video games, crossword puzzles to Nintendo Switch or play tic-tac-toe with your pet. There are plenty of games that you can download right now and not need to spend a single penny. League of Legends, Dota 2 (PC), Smite and others.

  • Start a blog

Are you an inspiring blogger? Or does your fashion your fashion taste rival that of Beyoncé and Lupita Nyongo? Use your down-time wisely and start a blog to share your thoughts or favorite hobbies.

If you’re someone who loves to teach, starting a blog can provide the opportunity to educate others interested in your field of expertise. Software such as WordPress.org and “how to start a blog” guides have made it simple and easy to set up a blog in 15 minutes.

  • Work out

Self- isolation cannot be an excuse for you to skip gym because you can easily exercise at the comfort of your home. Engage those endorphins and get your A into G with some home workouts.

As gyms have closed to curb the outbreak of the Coronavirus, you can use digital workout programs to maintain their exercise routines from home. Tone up, stay healthy and fit.

Remember to wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Be safe, stay home!

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