Corona Virus: Precautions for Travellers

Precautions for Travellers

  • If travelling, practice good hygiene and avoid affected

and crowded places.

  • If you experience fever, cough, difficulty in breathing,

fatigue and headache seek medical attention and share

travel history with the health care provider.

  • Passengers and crew who experience symptoms while

travelling, the nearest destination stop should be alerted

for prompt medical health care assistance.

  • Make sure that you are screened at points of entry for

early diagnosis and treatment.

  • Arrivals from affected places are advised to minimize their

movement for at least 14 days.

Ministry of Health and Wellness –

Tel : +267 363 2766 | Toll Free number : 0800 600 740

Vision : A Healthy Nation by 2023

Values : Customer Focus, Botho, Timeliness, Equity, Teamwork, Accountability

(Information courtesy : Ministry of Health and Wellness, Republic of Botswana)

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