ENKO BOTHO opens business start-up club for its students

Enko Botho recently started a Business start-up club, the club is a great way of helping children learn in an environment which is supervised but more relaxed than a formal classroom environment.

Enterprise education promotes independent learning, innovation and resourcefulness. Being outside of the formal classroom environment helps students’ creative side and makes them less worried about making mistakes. 

It also enables students to adopt roles and responsibilities and promotes teamwork and communication. Students in the club have lined up a number of enterprising projects. Some are ready to be implemented and others require more research. 

The club has been necessitated by the need to develop the crucial enterprising culture in our students and school. It is clear that we want enterprise to have a strong presence in the school.

Our students are potentially competent young businessmen and women. Hence, the school through business start-up club aspires to operate a mini business in the confines of the school and even grow bigger with time and develop links with business community in Gaborone.

Furthermore, this will become a crucial part of creativity, activity and service (CAS) when we begin the IBDP (IB program). 

Uses of funds generated from the club:

  • Students have come up with an array of ideas on which they could utilize funds raised.
  • Close to their heart is community engagement.
  • This social enterprising aspect of the club helps students see social enterprise as a route by which they, as young people, can bring about social change.
  • They will start to see themselves as agents of change too.
  • This can open up their creativity and their imagination, on what they can do to tackle issues in their communities.
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