Another “proudly BU” student codes his way to the TOP!

BU keeps churning out global young leaders, with the latest success story being our eSwatini campus’ tech wizard Khayalethu “Khaya” Ntshalintshali.

The young man, our campus student in the Bsc (Hons) in Network Security and Computer Forensics course, was recently placed number 1 on the Code Afrique Eswatini Competition.

The competition, that ran from 9 – 10 January, was sponsored by global benefactors and tech giants, Google and Facebook.  Cornell University from the United States in partnership with the Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP) were the organizers of the event.

Characterized by different categories, namely high school and university level, participants got the opportunity to learn Python programming, which is a programming language that’s object oriented, giving students detailed understanding about computer programming.

The following day participants were allocated a time limit of one hour thirty minutes to compete in a “Hackathon”. This phase demanded the participants’ use of the knowhow that they had received from the two days proceedings of training.

In the end, all participants were equipped via the mentorship programme and participating in different categories, with valuable coding knowledge.

Testifying to the importance of the learning experience and the opportunity afforded, Khaya said: “This taught me that it is not the mobile devices that we have or all those fancy gadgets that we brag about which are important but the code that is running on those devices, also that on its own erupted an aggressive zeal in me to learn even more about how to program mobile devices and robots at large”.

“Further, my perception changed for good when they told me that the robot is only a modelling device, real robots are the programs that coders come up with”.

Participants were awarded with certificates in the presence of Cornell University’s Computer Science Professors, Robbert van Renesse and Hakim Weatherspoon. The competition was a great platform for students to exchange knowledge with other aspiring software engineers.

The moral of this story is that you also can become a winner like Khaya, by studyinG Bsc (Hons) Network Security and Computer Forensics in our Blended & Distance Learning Programme.

Do not waste your time, register NOW for the Bsc (Hons) in Network Security and Computer Forensics and begin the steps to becoming number one.

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