“SwApp” your dreams for reality with a BU online degree

Have you always wanted to know more about Eswatini’s Swati language and culture? Is Google being a bit too vague when it comes to translating the language?

Well, read on and find out how two college students came with a breakthrough solution for this and you might be speaking Siswati in no time too.

Ever heard of a language translation App called SiSwApp?

The App was developed by two young guys, who were students of a college in Mbabane, Harvey Kadyanji and Timothy McDermott.
It basically is a concept that has pioneered the packaging of SiSwati translation tools in an app format.It is equipped with an offline English to SiSwati translator and vice-versa intergrated with an audio database and contextualized

While the ordinary Google might be of a little, to no help at all, the SiSwApp features a translator, a language guide on specific information about the country, among other things.

The app also encourages local IT solutions in the country. However, with the app, culture misunderstandings are surely diminishing, also considering that the app does not need an internet connection to function.

Given the fascinating Swati culture, with more and more tourists visiting the country each year, one of the things tourists want to learn is the language and the culture of the country they visit, meaning that the app will be of great help.

During the year 2013, the total number of tourists was nearly as high as that of the indigenous people of Swaziland itself! That’s mind-blowing!

When tourists visit Swaziland, they visit to enjoy the Swati culture, which is a lot advanced and simpler with the app.

This just goes to show, your ideas are valid no matter where you’re from and education is a great stepping stone to launch you into greatness.

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