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There is no question that teaching is probably the most rewarding and useful job in the world.

Just think, the much famed German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein would never have been an “Einstein” without someone to TEACH the foundations of all he discovered! Or imagine if American internet entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg had never gone to school!!!

NO FACEBOOK…Unimaginable right?

Closer to home, more and more young Africans are breaking out of the fold and coming up with innovative technologies that are developing the continent, one day at a time. It all begins with someone making an effort to teach them something.

In Lesotho, there is a primary school teacher who is making the waves and raising his country’s flag high. Thejane Malakane, an ICT educator at a primary school in Maseru, was nominated this year for the prestigious Global Teachers Prize international award

Throughout, his teaching journey from 2005 when he began as an unqualified substitute teacher, replacing someone on leave, Thejane has been changing the lives of young Basotho students in his community in the most profound way.

The primary school he works at is located in a rural village, with that being, some students would have to cross rivers to get to school and would sometimes miss school especially during rainy seasons, and that would have an impact on their academic performance.

To remedy these types of issues, Thejane then exploited his resources innovatively and began to use his phone and laptop to record lessons for his students that are absent and he would play them for them the next day. Seeing the impact, Thejane started experimenting with online tools to support his teaching.

He would download educational videos that reinforce what his students learn in class and share the videos online so the students could watch at home using borrowed phones they could find.

Since then he has gone on to establish an environmental project that learners can access from a CD or mobile phone. From the continued recognition he has received worldwide, Thejane has even represented Lesotho at the 2011 Microsoft Partnership in learning Innovative Education Forum in Turkey!

The competition focused on how teachers can use technology to transform teaching and learning in Lesotho’s schools.

It is important to involve technology nowadays in schools, to produce students and graduates who can grasp the concepts of innovative thinking. This way, technology would be able to enhance effective teaching and learning, so as to deliver a better curriculum.

If like Thejane, your calling is to develop the minds of the younger generation through teaching, here are some of the few rewards you can get from the profession and why you should really consider taking up this noble profession:

· Knowing that your classroom is a place where students feel safe.

· Former students coming back to see you because you have made a positive impact on their lives.

· Getting to tell a child who has no support system that you believe in them.

· New adventures and challenges.

· Learning from your students too.

You too can groom the next great “Einstein” of your country, or you can get to break new ground and represent your country like Thejane. Now that you know how rewarding the industry is, start making the steps to make yourself a qualified teacher.

Register today for Botho University’s B.Ed (Hons) in Primary Education. Lesotho, and the world, definitely need more people like Thejane!

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