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It is true what they say about dynamite coming in small packages.

One of those being Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere, the CEO and Founder of Ngwana Entreprises.

All the way from a small city of Francistown in Botswana.

Being an entrepreneur has sure opened a lot of opportunities for Mooketsi, considering he managed to have his business (Ngwana Enterprise) established in other African countries too.

His company, Ngwana Enterprises, is an IT solutions provider that delivers cutting edge software solutions, primarily for institutions of learning and providing free open source educational solutions to meet the learning activities in schools and institutions.

Their program focuses on math, science and language arts which meets the demands of preschool to grade 12 and university students.

Mooketsi ensures that students in Botswana, both from urban and rural areas have access to a computer with internet connectivity; of course with his innovations.

One of his career highlights was representing Botswana at the 2013 One Young World Summit in the presence of giants like Richard Branson, David Jones, among others.

While at the event, he saw more than 1,500 young people from all around the globe and saw then, that the youth from Botswana also had to be part of something that is life-changing.

It is without a doubt that technology is indispensable to education.

His thoughts on entrepreneurship are that it creates opportunities and people need to find means of nurturing it.

In his words: “I don’t know how we can do it, but we need every home in Botswana to at least have one child or family member with keen interest for business.”

“Young people need to understand that the line between possible and impossible is almost non-existent now. Young people need to know that the future of any success if entrepreneurship.” Mooketsi added.

His story, like many others, proves that there is a world of opportunities that awaits those with innovative minds in this technological era. You could be the next great innovator of your generation and your community too!

So why not consider a MSc in Computer System Management and you might just become like Mooketsi and create ground breaking technology, or even better start your tech-related business instead.

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