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In the business world its common to see young or older individuals starting their own companies that later grow to become large businesses. While some are driven by an inborn passion for a particular business area, others rely on their educational background.

For example, one could have a passion for things mechanical and naturally would start a business in the general motor vehicle fixing industry and a science teacher would have a desire to embark on food manufacturing business. The truth is that in both cases these individuals might be able to see their enterprises grow from humble beginnings into large companies. Their success maybe because there is little competition against the businesses or one has had to access finances from lending institutions to boost the commercial enterprise. 

Other success factors forward-thinking business leaders should be aware of, and with the power to drive growth and future expansion exist. Among others, these include Marketing which encompasses elements of customer relations, sales, and responsiveness; People which includes personnel, staff, learning, development and perhaps the most important of all, Strategic Focus which involves how one leads, manages and plans. 

Though the above factors look perfect, modern, powerful and indicative of an astute approach to business, their implementation or appreciating their value, is critical and not random.

In most cases, the people who implement or appreciate these would have gone through a thorough educational process, where they are critically prepared at the highest level for the challenging environs of a successful large business enterprise.

Equipped with the coveted Master of Business Administration (MBA) one can confidently navigate the often unrelenting paths that ultimately lead to business success and in the end peace of mind. Our very own and well renowned Botho University offers this coveted qualification either through distance learning or campus-based, and the proudly African institution has some of the best learning approaches that are in demand by global standards. Highly recommended to anyone seeking to be crowned a corporate champion, the MBA facilitates the professional and corporate development of business leaders and aspiring business managers, prospective business managers and entrepreneurs as reflective corporate practitioners in the business field. 

Botho Universityโ€™s programme drives achievement via the development of a graduate with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to manage business organizations, whether itโ€™s a national, regional or international level. 

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