Inspire the next generation’s “Waka Waka Moo” memories with BU

At some point in our childhood, at least for those of us born during the television era, we all watched cartoons and some still do in their adult life. Nothing wrong with keeping in touch with the ‘kid’ in you.

Most of us had that one favorite cartoon we would watch while getting ready for school in the morning or on weekends while having breakfast. Yes, that one with the catchy jingle…the one you and your friends would always imitate.

There are even some adult animated shows that have become part of pop culture and are watched by millions of adult viewers world wide, think of South Park or The Boondocks or The Simpsons.

Where ever your experience with animation stems from, one thing we can all agree is that animations are a big part of modern day life.

And now, like most things that have widespread popularity, animation has become a huge industry on its own which requires standard academic and professional acumen to master the art.

In short, you too can learn this art of how to shape a generation’s memories with the much loved creative animations. If the idea of transforming an object into a living, thinking character fascinates you and you have the knack of creative design in you, then look no further than than a career in animation.

Let’s look at the true story of guy who has become one of Namibia’s iconic creative personalities, Luis Munana. The man who put the country on the map with his creativity as the first Namibian to be named in the Forbes Africa Under 30 list.

Namibia’s pride and joy!

Luis Manana is an entrepreneur and creative director. A storyteller who writes, directs, produces and edits himself. He launched his production company in 2007 with little to no money.

Fast forward to this year, he has become a household name for producing Namibia’s first animated series of cartoons called Waka Waka Moo.

 How the name of the cartoons came about is another interesting story. So when Luis was on big brother Africa in 2014 they were given a task to create a phantom. He voluntarily wrote the script and suggested they call it ‘Waka Waka’.

 Sound familiar? 

The name comes from the South African World Cup theme song Waka Waka. It is a slang phrase that means ‘do it’. 

He then added the Moo to the name.

And guess what? His team won that challenge and that is how he was inspired to produce a children’s show and call it Waka Waka Moo.

However, Luis did not have it easy, he knew that his idea had the potential to turn into something however, he did not have the financial means to make his dream a reality. He used the power of persuasion to convince artists to work with him.

 “If you’re a scriptwriter, come write with me, if you’re an illustrator, work with me but I can only pay you later once the production starts paying”, that’s how he persuaded people.

And after 3 years, the animated series of cartoons came into reality. Making it Namibia’s first cartoons that not only entertain, but educate children about the country’s history, culture and heritage.

The cartoons have 11 characters and each of them have something to teach. One talks about languages, another about Namibia’s history. They all play different roles that address an individual child.

The show has since received accolades and screened at the Cannes in France, in April last year.

Luis’s dreams are now for Waka Waka Moo to become on the same level as The Lion King and other popular television productions.

Are you still not convinced that you too can have a successful career as an animator?

Test your ideas or try your hand at creating the next generation’s happy cartoon memories.

With Botho University’s BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Systems You can pursue a career in:

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