Hey! Don’t cry over JAMB – Have a plan B

Tony is enrolling for JAMB for the fourth time.

Shey no be curse, sha? He thinks to himself as he pays the registration fee to the bank teller.

Not only are his friends almost graduating by now, already their younger siblings are gaining admission. Just imagine, his cousin who he used to pick up from nursery school when he was in primary school, is writing JAMB Exam this year too. It is such an embarrassing situation!

Another problem he is faced with is the lack of money. Nobody wants to give money to him anymore, and it’s really difficult to work while he is attending JAMB lessons. Once in a while, he gets an occasional gig playing at parties with his band from Church. But he knows his future is in an office, not behind the base guitar. He sighs. This is definitely not where he imagined his life would be like, four whole years after graduating from secondary school. His dream has always been to become an IT professional. He loves computers and believes he can make big in this field.

What have I done to deserve this? He muses, searching his heart to see if he has done anything really bad – perhaps God is punishing him for something he may have forgotten that he did. Or could someone have cast a spell on him? He wonders. Aren’t there universities that don’t require JAMB? I wish I had someone to sponsor me to a university abroad like Peter.

As he continues his soul-searching, he thinks about the pressure from his parents, and the thinly-veiled ridicule from his peers….All the times he has had to say “Congratulations!” with a fake smile when friends announce that they’ve gotten admission into University. The confusing part is, his WAEC result was quite good. He just can’t explain why he is so unlucky with JAMB. Slowly, he wipes the tears that have begun to trickle down his face.

As Tony walks dejectedly out of the bank, he notices that a middle-aged, professionally dressed woman has followed him outside. Concern is written all over her face. She asks “Young man, what is the matter? Her compassion makes him sob harder. She reminds him of the mother he never had. He tells her his story as he sheds bitter tears.

“Don’t cry anymore,” she says, softly. She has the voice of an angel. “There are other ways to gain admission into the university” she continues. “Thank God for the increase in technology and access to the internet, because it is now possible to go to school abroad without ever leaving your country.

Have you heard of online courses?” Tony shakes his head, but hope rises in his heart as she speaks. “Online programs give you a quality education, the choice to work and school at the same time, at a fraction of the cost of most foreign universities.

Some, like the one I studied with called Botho University, have entry requirements that are based on your WAEC results alone, and the fees are very affordable. To make things even easier, they provide flexible monthly payments plans so you can work and school at the same time. It will take a bit of effort, but it is well worth it in the end.”

She adds “You mentioned that you wanted to study Computing, well Botho University has an online B.Sc in Computing! Take a look and let me know what you think” She gives him her complimentary card and pats his hand.  “If you need any more information, just call me and I will explain it better.”

Mollified, Tony watches her as she departs. This must have been my guardian angel, he thinks.

Has your life been put on hold because of the JAMB exam? An online degree may just be what you need.

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