Introducing BUAA, our ‘league of extra-ordinary men and women”!

Staying in touch with former students has always been important to Botho University. Over the years, we constantly keep track of and make note of notable Botho past students, where they are, what they are doing and assisting recent graduates to break onto the professional arena.

Now, we are in the process of stepping this up by making our renowned Alumni Association fully digital!! More on that later.

But first, in case you are wondering, what IS the Alumni Association and what does it do?

Botho University Alumni Association (BUAA), is a platform for former students to maintain strong links with the institution, long after they have left for either the corporate world or become established entrepreneurs.

With Botho University’s entry into the online industry through our Blended and Distance Learning, this platform will also help to solidify Distance Learning graduates’ credibility on the professional scene.

The Association operates under the Career Services Department and led by the Botho University Alumni Executive Committee, a volunteer organization of fellow alumni. So you can be assured that you will be in the right hands. Who better to guide you than those who have passed through the annals of the institution themselves, survived the corporate jungle and lived to tell the tale?!

Want to know what goal of BUAA is?

It is to allow first graduates a place to network and interact with existing students and the university for the students to hear for themselves some testimonials from those who have completed their Degrees, Honours or MBA with the University. The proverbial, hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

So they get first hand answers to questions like:

How did professor Ravi become a professor?


How did Botho University help a young Kgosi after he graduated?


What is the secret for success Mrs Tata who is now a formidable business magnate in Africa?


What challenges did they face? AND How did they overcome them?

Most importantly, it’s a place for current students to be inspired to complete their studies and also become a part of this prestigious association. I know, I would want to be a part of it!

How does the association actually work?

  • It maintains a frequent communication channel between ex-scholars, first-time students and the University.
  • It has created a platform for information sharing. Open only to Alumni.
  • It also involves graduates, students, and friends in growth and development activities that are done by the University.

So how does one become a member exactly?

As is the practice globally, once you have completed your studies with Botho University, you automatically become an official university “alumni”. 

However, to become an actual member of the BUA Association itself, you simply visit the online portal, and register to be an official member! Quite simple and just like that, one is part of a league of extraordinary gentleman and ladies!

Now, from time to time we will be bringing you regular profile articles, on this blog site, of some of these amazing men and women who are a part of this association and the work they are doing all across Africa and world.

If you ever had a doubt that Botho University truly takes you “Beyond Education”, then just keep watching this space and catch these alumni profiles as we post them!

If you would like more information on the Botho University Alumni Association please visit our web page and read more or register today if you’re an alumni who hadn’t gotten involved yet.


To all those who’s appetite has been whet to join the “league of extra-ordinary gentlemen and ladies” too, then what are you waiting for?

The first step is become a student yourself, apply today and get one step closer!

Click here to apply:

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