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Web design skills are more desirable today than they have ever been before and likely not to change anytime soon. 

Thing is, whether it is a large corporate company, a non-profit organisation, school or any kind of a company or organisation, it is likely and almost certain to have a website. Every business needs a website that will represent it 24/7 and acts as the business’s marketing presence. 

Before customers actually approach the business, the first thing they do is visit the website and if they are not convinced to scroll through the entire website, chances are that they will leave the page for a competitor.

Most people give a website an average of 15 seconds of attention, yes you heard right, 15 SECONDS; and that is why your website must quickly represent the company in terms of what you do, what services you offer and what makes you unique. 

Good website design helps to captivate and grow businesses, from creating more page views, and inquiries coming in, to increases sales because you would have grabbed the attention of the audience with an appealing website.

There are different jobs that fall under the general umbrella of “web design”. From creating the actual visual design of web pages and writing web applications to specialised web-services like social media specialists to management and marketing of an organisation’s digital presence to graphic design.

Here are some reasons why businesses will constantly need your services to create a good website design:

  • Reach for new customers
  • Build brand awareness
  • It aids your SEO
  • Builds trust with the audience
  • Creates consistency
  • Sets impression for customer service

There are numerous women, of colour at that, for example the well known Narsha Njoya, Arsha Jones, Vashti Harrison who are making a killing in the website design industry, not only are they experts in the industry, they managed to open their own companies due to the skills and knowledge they gained through website design background.

Website design as an industry is forever growing and is in constant demand. Not only will your skills be in demand, but you can also manage to free yourself from a 9-5 tradition to being your own boss and building websites for companies and brands. 

Time and again, web designers decide to go into business for their own agencies and make a lot of money, I mean who doesn’t want that? Not forgetting employing others and expanding skills throughout to reap the rewards of the business as a whole.

Botho University offers a BSc (Hons) in Computing targeted at those wishing to enter the Information Technology (IT) sector as such as web designers. Find out more about this program and many others on our website, visit

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