“Pele O…”! Don’t get passed up for your promotion, start your MBA TODAY.

Tola has been passed up for a promotion again.

He struggles to suppress the hot tears burning at the back of his eyes.

This blow has be the most painful of them all. The position had been vacant for 6 months and with him being just a grade lower in the hierarchy, he naturally expected the position to be passed on to him.

Tola had quickly stepped up to the plate, working round the clock for this promotion. He was as helpful as ever to the senior manager, representing his team at management meetings. He did his best to show that he was a capable leader, one who was on top of his game. He had thought that, this time, senior management would see that he was the best choice to lead the team.

He read and reread the email introducing the new team leader…they had recruited someone from the OUTSIDE! Imagine that! A complete stranger. After all he had accomplished for this company!!!

His head hurt. He made his way to the water dispenser, hoping that a cool glass of water would help clear his head.

Uduak, the resident office gossip-monger, was just about to take a large bite out of her breakfast when he walked in. She eyed him with a false look of concern. Then, she said in a conspiratorial whisper, her voice dripping with sarcasm,  “Have you seen the mail? I heard that it was because you didn’t have an MBA that you didn’t get the job. Pele o. I really wish it was you. ”

So that was it? It was because I didn’t have an MBA? Tola thinks, dumbfounded.

Why didn’t anyone tell him? Was it that important to the organisation? If he had known, he would have started it last year and would be almost through by now.

He returned to his desk with mixed feelings. Embarrassment, anger, regret and a myriad of other emotions raged in his heart.

I wish I had known. I would have done something about it sooner. He muses.

For Tola and so many others in his shoes right now, all hope is not lost. It’s never too late, you can start right now.

Getting an online degree from the right university is one way to gain an edge at the workplace without disrupting your regular working week. Professional qualifications are just as important as technical skills and they tend to make a huge difference to the speed of ascent up the corporate ladder.

The flexibility of study allows you the choice of maintaining your source of income while working towards your MBA.

With dedication and a little sacrifice, an online Post Graduate or Master’s degree can provide the missing link to the better paying jobs you desire.

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