Make the right choice for your distance-learning education.

The devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject, especially by books, is a personal one. An individual choice you make to empower, up skill and build a career for yourself. Deciding to get a degree is beneficial for your personal development and it is an investment on your future.

Are you a new student wanting to start a course or a post-graduate looking to further your studies? You are juggling work and family responsibilities? Online education is a logical option for you. Botho University is the best institution to enhance your career. Our distance learning courses cater for your busy life and can fit perfectly into your schedule.

You have already decided on a course you want to study and it is something that you are extremely passionate about, however, you have not thought of which institution to enrol at.

Choosing the right institution for your studies is a dizzying process. You have done your research and there may be some factors that you need to consider before making your final decision:


BU’s programme courses are affordable with an instalment fee payment option online where a student can pay their fees through monthly instalments. With distance learning, you save a lot of money because you do not have to physically go to campus.

 The Prestige of the university

Our institution is widely respected and admired for its high-quality education across the African continent.  We recently had over 170 students graduate from Botho University, these high-achieving professionals are now ready for the job market


Botho University was one of the first local tertiary institutions in Botswana to be accredited by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) and by BQA in 2018 as an Awarding Body under the new BQA regulation. All our programmes are registered.

Student support services

Student support is provided through various channels including telephone, post, email and other instant messaging apps. Another thing to consider is how much access students have to the course’s digital learning resources.

It is crucial to have access to university material anytime you need it, this includes career advice, student experience team and library resources. Study material is delivered to students via posts, email, or, made available at student portals.


The main reason that busy professionals choose to study online is flexibility, finding comfort in knowing that your work and other commitments will not be hindered. Consider the duration of the course and the amount of time required to study each week and work a schedule that fits your busy life.

Botho University is an established distance learning institution and has rapidly evolved over the years to become a leading multidisciplinary high -quality tertiary education provider in the SADC region. Choose Botho university for distance learning. Our qualifications are credible and recognised across the globe.

The main advantage of distance learning is that it presents students with a flexible alternative to traditional classroom-based education. You can study from anywhere without attending classes. Online education is self-paced. There is no time pressure and you set a schedule that works for you.

Our online courses have expanded access, with the advancement of technology, students can log in anywhere provided with an internet connection. BU distance learning is accompanied by various teaching aids that are beneficial to your learning process.

Contact our admissions team, who are available to discuss all of these considerations. Choose the right distance learning institution, choose BU.

Apply now.

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