Can there be value in an online degree?

A lot of students often worry that if they earn an online degree, it will not be taken seriously. Well, the truth is that there really are a lot of bogus online institutions out there that offer quick-fix courses that in reality aren’t even recognized anywhere at all!

The very first step anyone wishing to pursue online learning needs to take is to do thorough background research on the institution. Typically, the safest approach is to simply choose a university that already has known and established, physical campuses.

However, when it comes to the difference between the degree one earns through physical campus learning and the one earned via online, as long as the university is legitimate, then any qualification they issue will carry the same weight and with have similar credits and learning outcomes.

Advancements in technology have ensured studying online is merely a convenient but equally effective mode of study, which is why a lot of students now opt for either a blended or online degree. For some students, online study is a better alternative for acquiring additional training and careers and convenient for students who prefer not attending classes.

It also accommodates the school leavers who probably by now have other responsibilities like work, children or are unable to commute to actual campuses.

Obtaining an online degree opens up more educational options, instead of being limited to nearby institutions, you can earn a degree from a university in another state or across the country. No need to miss out on an opportunity to advance your career and achieve your goals.

The increase in the number of students earning degrees online is making distance learning more common, making them more acceptable by employers.

A degree that is earned online can work in the job seekers favour, as it can speak at the work ethic and dedication of the individual. This will communicate that you are a self-motivated adult who can manage his/her time and can work under little and no supervision at all. You can tell your potential employer about any special projects you worked on while earning your degree. This is convenient if you are already working in the professional world and are ready to enhance your skills to get an upgrade and get that promotion.

Most of the time, employers do not check whether the degree was obtained online or the traditional way, as long as it was obtained at an accredited institution. An institution’s brand and reputation is the main driver of a credential’s value.

One such institution is our very own Botho University, through its Blended and Distance Learning platform, which offers a variety of world-standard courses giving you the flexibility of logging in anytime and anywhere.

Online degrees are far more acceptable today than they were five years ago. If you think through and be careful about your university selection and program, you can be a highly competitive job candidate.

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