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Meet Nigerian up and coming socialite Alexa.

Many people envy her because of her modelling career. They admire her growing popularity as her dazzling smile is showcased on an increasing number of billboards around town. But behind the good looks and perfectly manicured nails, is a 19 year old desperate to get an education.

Alexa is getting frustrated. It’s her third attempt at JAMB and she has yet another average result. The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions that is mandatory to enter university in the West African nation.

Last year, her admission chase was a crazy, disappointing ride. Filled with travelling, post-UTME exams, frantic changes of courses, and a final, hope crushing anti-climax.

She flicks her human-hair weave as she looks into her smartphone. She types into the search window “Scholarships for Nigerian students.” She knows with her humble background, the only hope for her to study outside this country is to get a scholarship. However, she’s always been an average student – fear that she will not qualify for any of the scholarships gnaws at the back of her young mind.

Will I ever make it?

Have you ever felt like this too? Knowing things are really bad right now in the county and the education system is badly crippled. The few available positions in federal and state universities can only cater for a fraction of the youths yearning for a better life.

So what other options are there in such situations?

Alexa can choose to pursue a degree that can keeps her touring, travelling and in the spotlight which is where her true passion is. A degree like Botho University’s world acclaimed Bachelor of Science with Honours in Hospitality Management. This course, available to do via blended and online learning, is targeted at those wishing to enter the hospitality and tourism sector and build a career for example in hotel operations.

The course carefully combines theoretical and practical learning to ensure that graduates have both the knowledge and the skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry worldwide.

If, like Alexa, you also desire to have an international standard qualification but have a modest source of income, an online degree may be the answer.

Some of Botho’s programs open you up to internship opportunities to provide a well-rounded learning experience.

You can make the choice today, to step out of your comfort zone, and lay the foundation for a better future.

To learn more about Botho University’s BSc (Hons) degree in Hospitality Management and various other distance learning programs visit our website and apply today.


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