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Being an educator is a noble profession because you get to impact individuals every day. A teacher guides the next generation towards development. Many describe it as a ‘calling’ as it reach extends way beyond the walls of the classroom.

In communities, homes, teachers nurture young minds and mould them into something great. Educators play the role of catalyst for various social changes in society.

Regarded as the mother of all professions- shaping, guiding and influencing individuals for their future paths.

If you have a passion for teaching and learning, you will have to consider pursuing a teaching degree at Botho University. Our institution offers multiple online courses in education.

The Bachelor of Education with Honours in Primary Education is targeting those wishing to enter the primary education sector as a teacher, physical education trainer, education technology specialist, guidance counsellor or school administrator.

Advantages of becoming an educator

  • Risk-free
  • Fulfilling
  • Job security
  • Safe
  • Fun-filled

Even in times of economic struggle when other industries are cutting off, teachers will always be needed. There are no risk factors in the profession, it is safe.

Working with students can be fun and fulfilling as you witness ‘lightbulb’ moments daily when a student finally understands and master a skill.

B. Ed (Hons) in Primary Education is a 5 year course which consists of core and elective modules. Applicants are expected to have successfully completed secondary schooling.

 We offer our educational courses at your convenience, meaning you can enrol from anywhere in the world with our distance and online learning programmes. Study at your own pace, at your own time.

Botho University is committed to building vital relationships with our expanding community locally, nationally and internationally that draws on the power of scholarship and discovery to transform lives and advance the public good.

Bu offers high- quality education that maximises your chances of employment.

Find your purpose and follow your passion.

For inquiries and more information on this course and other related ones visit http://bit.ly/BUFacultyOfHealthandEducation

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