Become an “OGA” In Nigeria with BU’s Distance Learning

Tunde, from Lagos Nigeria, really wants to work in a “multinational” organization.

He’s heard so many stories about their fat pay checks, amazing work conditions… Some even pay your children’s schools fees!

Now that would be really nice… he thinks.

He’s applied so many times, he’s now lost count. Maybe it’s his too-local degree that’s the problem. A friend who’s a HR person told him, they won’t even look at your CV if you don’t have a degree from an international institution, or experience working outside the country.

Tunde, like so many others in West Africa, hopes to get an international master’s degree to increase his job prospects. The problem is, they are just so expensive… and he has too many financial responsibilities to stop working for over one year while schooling abroad.

What can I do? He starts to wonder.

Maybe you’re like Tunde… you really, really want to move up. You want to work in those big impressive corporations that reward hard work, compensate you thoroughly for your efforts, and make your CV like liquid gold. You want to get a master’s degree from an internationally recognised institution. But you don’t want to pack up and travel halfway around the world to get it.

The right degree from the right university:

An online degree from the right university could be the solution that you seek. If the price is right, the accreditation is strong, and the learning schedule is flexible, you may be able to get that degree in as little as 18 months, with only a laptop and a strong internet connection.

Of course you will need to study hard – you will need to dedicate extra time after office hours and during weekends. Attending fewer social events is a given. It will take you out of your comfort zone as you navigate the waters of virtual learning.

But in the end wouldn’t it be so worth it?

Wouldn’t it be great to submit an application for a mid-management position and get a call-back for an interview? To finally get that job at a “multinational?” To finally get paid enough to do afford a vacation?

That, I’d say sounds like a happy ending. For Tunde, and everyone else with big dreams and a passion for progress.

Botho University’s Bachelor of Science with Honours in Hospitality Management is one such degree Tunge can consider. It is targeted at those wishing to enter the hospitality and tourism sector by carefully combining theoretical and practical learning to ensure that graduates have both knowledge and skills. 

For more information on this program or any other Botho University affordable, accredited online degrees, please click here:

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