Reasons to study Health Information Management

Tools of health information technology are continually improving to bring greater efficiency to information management in the health care sector. Health information managers assemble patients’ health information, examination results, and diagnostic tests.

However, the use of paper has already been rapidly replaced across industries over the last decade to make everything electronic such as the data we store. 

Modern day health information managers play a vital role in the collection and analysing of data that is received by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare players. In return, these healthcare data contributors rely on the information to deliver quality healthcare and they also guarantee that the patient’s medical records are accurate and are available when needed.

Health Information Management is the practice of maintaining, analysing and protecting digital and traditional medical information to providing quality patient care. With the widespread computerisation of health records, traditional records which are paper-based, are being replaced with electronic health records.

Here are a few more reasons why a health information management honours degree could be a good field to go into:

  • It is a rewarding field

Realising that your skills and knowledge have the ability to make a difference in people’s lives of those who need health services more. The skills you’d acquire will make the world a healthier and safer place. With a health information management degree, you can work in office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, and public health agencies.

  • It offers job security

Job security is volatile in the work environment and unlike other industries, the healthcare industry is growing and is always in need of new people. There are always job openings available. 

  • Good salary

A good salary makes employees satisfied and motivates them to be more productive. Your degree can prepare you to earn a good salary, and with more training and experience you can advance in your field.

The health industry is rapidly growing and will forever be in need. As much as good leaders and managers will forever be in need hence the medical industry is not going anywhere. If you care about people and want to help by offering health services to those who need it, then this course is for you. Visit our faculty of health if you want to positively influence people’s lives.

Botho University offers a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Health Information Management, with a variety of modules ranging from theory to professional practice to the essentials of entrepreneurship.

The degree is targeted at those wishing to work in middle to senior management grades in clinical and hospital settings or physicians’ offices as Health Data & Information Managers, Bio Statisticians, Data Quality Managers, Researchers, and Public Health Information Managers/ Officers.

Click here to find out more about this course and register today.

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