Botho Eswatini Campus Officially Open

The wait is now over for students in Eswatini! Botho University has opened the much awaited physical campus facility that is already adding much needed relief to many aspiring and enrolled learners in the country.

One can only imagine how excited this addition to the growing #BU family has made residence in and around Eswatini.

The country has long anticipated the day the #BU campus will finally open, especially considering the growing reputation of BU’s other campuses in the southern Africa region which have lived up to world-class standards and have gone a long way in transforming the lives of many.

The up and running Eswatini campus is already showing signs of vibrancy, with the many students and potential students alike, already lining up to take advantage of the new facilities. Just like in the rest of the countries where campuses are available, the Eswatini campus avails quality and affordable international qualifications (Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees). 

The campus comes at a time we as Botho University are expanding across Africa, having launched our distance learning programs in the first quarter of this year across the continent. We should hasten to proudly note that the number of campuses we own in Africa is now four in total. We have noticed the promising potential to leapfrog this current number in the future.

The immediate and long term future of education in Eswatini and Africa no doubt looks much brighter as increasing numbers of people get to be educated beyond their dreams, to potentially secure gainful employment or initiate their enterprises.

With established campuses in Botswana, where our university originated, and then initially spreading out to other neighboring SADC countries like Namibia and Lesotho, before entering the West African region, the

BU brand aims to be the educational platform of choice in Africa.

Our #BU campuses boast modern facilities enabling convenient education across Southern Africa. Botho

University’s recent opening of the Eswatini Campus has boosted the image and strength of the brand in the country and also in Africa.

Applications have since opened at the Eswatini campus and there is a readiness to offer prospective students the chance of a lifetime to be educationally empowered.


For Information call on (268)2505 2288 or email

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