All set for Botho University’s annual International Research Conference


Once again the Botho University International Research Conference #BUIRC will be staged this year, on 23 October, in line with the university’s vision to maintain dialogue on specific research topics.

Currently, a call is being made for interested parties, particularly students, to join not only the research revolution but BU’s event that has become a defining calendar occasion due to its ability and status to attract all-around and top-level personalities who dish out constantly sought-after and cutting edge information, year in and year out.

The theme this year is “Youth Employability in the 21st Century” with subthemes such as Youth Employability / Talent Management, Youth Access to Finance, Youth Risk-Taking Propensity, Youth Entrepreneurial Intention / Incubation Orientation, and Youth Self Efficacy.

According to a recent Study on Youth Employability, “Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and disadvantaged young people are at higher risk of marginalization and social exclusion than other youth”- International Labour Organisation (2017).

One of the major contributors to youth un-employability is the lack of educational empowerment of preparedness within the sector. This is where Botho University comes in to act as an ideal distance learning institution for the many young people out there.

BU offers some of the best distance learning qualifications delivered in Africa and globally, and ranging from degrees to masters, that can be studied by both the youth and just about anyone who wants to upgrade their education.  

As a top-level research initiative, #BUIRC continues to influence educationally keen minds through the availability of experts, prolific authors, well-renowned researchers and interested stakeholders to dialogue on various research issues cutting across specializations in Education, Engineering, Computing, Business, Finance, and Accounting and lately in Hospitality and Tourism.

Besides, the above array of profound impact has brought to BU the advantage of further gaining international attention to a rising private owned university and simultaneously elevating it at par with other reputed universities across the African continent and overseas.

Each year, during the BUIRC event it’s normal to see attendances by knowledge-driven organizations, including universities, which to a large extent feel the escalated developments in information and communications innovations.

In the end, students who attend the BUIRC event to tape into its well-curated event take home some of the most tried and tested knowhow to further enrich themselves in preparation for immediate employment or to start their enterprises.

Interested and want to find out more on how to attend?

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