Balancing Work, Family And An Online Degree

Having a full-time job is hard enough to combine with family. Caring for the kids, spending quality time with your partner and everything else in between, requires a delicate balancing act that only a few seem to get a full grip on. Yet, you also know that getting a degree is just what you need to get that much-deserved lift in your career or business, leading to a promotion, a better job, or increased income from new skills.

Going back to study is a huge step and will require much preparation, planning, and lots of focus. Bring back some balance to your work-family-study life with these simple steps.

Take A Look At Your Schedule: 
Take a look at how you currently spend your time. You could discover, for example, that you spend a lot of time watching movies or doing housework. TV time can be cut down, and housework can be delegated (get or pay someone else to do it) so that you can trade in some of those hours for solid blocks of study time.

Know Thyself: 
By now you must have noticed the time of the day where your attention and effectiveness are at their peak. Some study best in the early morning hours, others in the afternoon/evening and others at night. The key here is to create time for study during those high-performance periods. You may need to experiment a bit to find out what works best for you. Also, consider which learning style works best for you and apply it to your study.

Stay Healthy – Physically and Mentally:
Manage stress by getting enough rest, plenty of exercises, and eating healthy. Staying physically and mentally healthy will help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Ensure you get enough sleep and periods of adequate rest during the weekend and after particularly stressful times.

Study At Work: 
It is often less distracting to study in the work environment at home. If this is a viable option for you, taking an hour or so before work begins or after work closes to study while at the office will enable you to get solid blocks of study time every day. For the online study, consistency is key. Also, speak to your manager about the option of your organization sponsoring part or all of the payment for your degree. Also, discuss the possibility of taking on related roles within your company. This will further help you consolidate your study and learn faster.

As tough as combining work, family and study may seem, it is something that has been successfully done by many people in the past. Remember to ask for and accept help from family and friends when you need to and get the support you require. With some determination, an “I can do” attitude, and a bit of sacrifice, you will successfully attain that degree and enjoy all its benefits.

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