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The world over Christian education, among other visible religions, is responsible for much positive accomplishments in society in general.

Many parents seek to place their children at Christian education institutions, as this has many advantages.

Online platform, lists the five advantages to sending children to a Christian school as:

1. No use of objectionable textbook material,
2. More positive peer influences
3. Bible teaching,
4. Character training
5. A higher standard of conduct.

It is with the above understanding and to “transform lives through the Word” to quote a payoff line of the Botho University Christian Movement.

While Botho University, the rising distance learning institution in Africa presently do not offer Christian education courses, it is important to note the presence of a vibrant Christian movement within its corridors.

Some experts in Christian education view the importance of Christian education as entirely based on one’s perspective.

“If you do not have a Biblical world view, it is unlikely that you would see the necessity of Christian education…..,” Mr. Grant Kauffman, who was in 2013 the vice-principal at a South African school for Christians told a local weekly in the country.

While he would not say government education or non-Christian education has no value, his opinion was that Christian based education played a major role in helping to guide students to become confident, responsible citizens.

Kauffman also believes such children achieve to their highest potential, care for their fellow man (regardless of culture, race or religion) and go on to become leaders in their homes, communities, and industries.

Furthermore, he noted that in terms of academic achievement of CSG (Christian School Graduates) who attended universities, they have excelled. This fact was substantiated with the study on the tertiary performance of a Christian curriculum (Dr. J Rossouw 2012) Alumni 1999-2011.

Belief is that students who attend a Christian school are “far better equipped” to tackle life’s challenges than students who come from a secular school system. However, Christian education has many success stories but it also, naturally, has negative ones.

Kauffman’s analysis was that graduates from Christian schools had a great impact on industries ranging from medicine and engineering to business and everything in-between.

While Christian schools have a relational approach to education, according to Kauffman, this approach is more conducive to learning, developing a strong work ethic, self-respect, respect for one’s peers and authority and openness to mentorship and relationship building.

This sentiment was shared by a lady who ran a daycare school, also in South Africa. She was of the opinion that Christian based education has its place raising disciplined young people and therefore a morally bound society.

She is resolute that the Word should be the foundation of good educational standards in schools. This approach largely enhances acceptable and responsible behavior in the public space.

The above is similar to what the Botho University Christian Movement is aiming to do, create a society that is built around the word of God.

To get hold of the Botho University Christian Movement, here are their contact details: or Call +267 72 334 224.

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