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Are you searching for an accredited business management course? Or perhaps you are interested in business management courses part-time? How can you choose right from the plethora of options that are available? No worries – this guide will help you make the right choice.

Here is a list of things to consider to select the right course for you.

Your Pocket:

What’s your budget? Making a choice based on a budget is not only realistic, but it will save you from a mountain of unwanted student debt in the future. Online degrees are relatively more affordable than full-time options. Distance Learning Universities, such as Botho University, allow you to schedule your fees to monthly payments.

Your Schedule:

A typical business management course or degree will be 3-4 years part-time. This timeline is an important factor in making your choice. A full-time course will cost more but be completed in a shorter time. However, an online or part-time course has the advantage of allowing you to continue to work, so you don’t have to give up your source of income.

The Fit:

Not all degree courses are created equal. You will need to go beyond the course title to take a look at the course content. Does the coursework cater to your specific professional needs? Are they relevant to today’s workplace and practices? Also, take a look at the university’s culture and values. Do you prefer a more formal student-teacher relationship or an innovative, less rigid structure? Do the university’s values line up with yours? This is an area that requires attention to detail, as only you can determine the best fit for you.


Accreditations ensure that the quality of your degree matches with the current best practices and educational standards. Attending an accredited university is so important, it cannot be overemphasized. Your degree will be recognized only if it has that stamp of recognition from the relevant bodies in that region. Ensure you check that the course you chose is from an accredited institution to make your investment worth it.

For business management courses that are affordable, relevant and recognized, click the link and visit Botho University, one of the foremost universities in Africa.

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