Is Computing The Course For You?

The era we live in, the 21st Century, is defined as a time of freedom and technological advancement. Our generation is the first to experience a whole new digital world. Whether it’s for school, work or socializing, understanding how digital technology works is becoming more and more essential in almost all areas of life.

Students worldwide are pursuing an education in computer technology and turning their knowledge into lucrative careers and (or) business start-ups.

If you are one of those people who has probably learned most of what you know on your own about computing, that is, the basic languages, data structures, and maybe some apps, then a degree will give you much more depth in topics that you normally wouldn’t study on your own. For instance, operating system structures, compiler construction, evaluation of algorithms, and more.

We have put together a checklist to help you see if such a degree is the right fit for you:

1. Your Interest in Computers sparked by peers/environment:

If you find yourself naturally attracted to computers or computer lovers, or have even tried to learn the basics of how to code or create an app before. You may be already well-versed with Operating systems, qualities of web browsers and are basically fascinated by gadgets and virtual technologies, then those are all signs to jump onto the computing train.

2. You have a naturally Creative mind:

Computers are the one tool guaranteed to be accessible to millions, if not billions of people at the blink of any eye. Mastering this art will help you to create technology/information that will last forever. If you can talk to the computer in its own language, and make it do what you want it to do, then you’re all set.

3. You are not afraid to experiment:

Technology is fluid and constantly changing. Computers involve a lot of experimentation and you will get to play around with ideas and codes all the time to fit the newest trend. This means you always get to learn something new, sometimes things that aren’t even documented or fixed yet.

4. You are good at math and problem solving:

Computer science and math go hand in glove. For example, software engineers rely on discrete math to work out algorithm efficiency and even video game programmers use math when developing 3D animation. If you want to learn and study computing, having a firm grasp on math is certainly a plus.

Having a computing degree alone may not necessarily keep you “fresh”, but it will definitely help you understand and navigate changes, and also help in getting access to job within the field. Computing allows you access to any good job that uses technology extensively, which, in the modern world, is pretty much all of them. This means a strong degree score puts you in a very flexible position.

Botho University’s Faculty of Computing is one of the oldest faculty’s in our franchise offering a diverse range of qualifications from Certificate level to Postgraduate level qualifications.

The Bachelor of Science Honors in Computing is targeted at those wishing to enter the Information Technology (IT) sector as Software Engineers, Network Engineers, Game Developers, Network Administrators, Database Designers, Database Administrators, Web Designers, Teachers/Lecturers, System Administrators, Graphic Designers, and IT Managers.

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