Importance Of Sharing Knowledge And Skills

Sharing knowledge and skills is increasingly becoming a major standard in this highly competitive world. Today we see individuals going to great lengths sacrificing to acquire world-class expertise from other professionals. The experience leads to valuable personal, professional and organizational growth.

Some of the few benefits of knowledge and skills sharing are credit, personal improvement, and inspiration to employees.

For organizations, that have incorporated knowledge and skills sharing into their human resources development strategy, it has gone to impact and power their reputation and therefore to a larger extent market presence. This explains the reality that knowledge and skills sharing is no longer a mere buzz word, but a major key factor in how companies are viewed in the eyes of the market and competitors. Organizations can be transformed in a huge way through knowledge and skills sharing as their employees are further empowered to perform far much better.

For a top-notch distance learning provider like Botho University, whose footprint is established in Southern Africa and currently spreading across Africa, the area of sharing knowledge and skills is one that is pretty much valued and has been in practice for some time.

Botho University continues to grow as an in institution through knowledge and skills sharing with organizations like Teesside University, UK – Computing, Allied Health Sciences, Sports Management; Ohio University, USA – Hospitality and Sustainable Ecotourism, (curriculum and staff development); Wayne State University, USA – Tourism, Student Exchange; University of Louisville, USA – Student Exchange and Black Hill State University, USA – Student & Staff Exchange. The University of Venda, RSA – Computing, Accounting, Student Exchange, building research capacity; Manipal University, India – Jewellery Management and Design, Health Information management, Engineering, among others.

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