Technology Is A Major Focus Area At Botho University

Botho University has not lagged behind in supporting events aimed at improving the world we live in through the latest technologies. The university is committed to being at the forefront of inspiring the use of the latest equipment in transforming learning experiences.

Botho University realizes that the use of the latest technology has its undoubted place in modern distance learning education and in the process it has positively impacted the way education is viewed by students and educators. It is a fact that the use of useful technology in learning processes has the power to attract students to enroll, just as it has the effect to draw the best educators to an educational institution. Many advantages can be enjoyed from the use of technology in imparting vital knowledge within the distance learning environment. The technological equipment comes in various forms like computers, smartphones, iPads and many others too numerous to mention that keep being launched worldwide.

Botho University has a good story to tell to potential students and it goes like this. Since it started in 1997 it has been initiating some exciting technology centered exercises that in many ways have gone on to help in portraying the image of an institution seeking to be a competitive and forward-looking educational player.

Two years after formation Botho University showed the world its appreciation of the importance of technology with the launch of an ICT-based competition called LINKZ The ICT Challenge. This event drew the best students in Botswana coming together to showcase their skills. The competition involved the launch of a page on the university website and was aimed to test student knowledge in the area of company technology. In excess of 300 young people participated and where came from tertiary institutions such as the University of Botswana, Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies, Ba Isago College, ABM University and the Limkowing University of Creative Technology.

Another couple of years further down, Botho University was involved as host of the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge. This was historic for the continent especially with its vision to put African information on the global online platform Wikipedia. Participants contributed articles in the Setswana language in a project partnered with Google and aptly titled Google Setswana Wikipedia Challenge Contest. Writers sent in their original pieces to the global online resource. They also had the option to submit a translation for an existing Wikipedia article into Setswana. The competition was made possible with sponsorship from Google in collaboration with Wikipedia Kenya.

Two most recent involvements included Botho University’s (May 2017) support of the 15th World Telecommunications and Information Society Day (WTISD) anniversary commemoration. WTISD is an annual calendar set aside to help raise awareness of the probability that the use of the internet and further connected information communication technologies can offer to societies and economies. The day also seeks to bridge the digital divide. The event that was held at Masunga Village in Botswana under the theme “Big data Big Impact”, looked at the ability of big data in the important issue of development. As well as acting as a testing center in 2018 for global technology player Huawei’s certification courses to students from Botswana Open University’s Huawei Authorised Information and Network Academy (HAINA).

As students enroll with Botho University they will be assured of being part of a distance learning institution driven by the desire to change the world with some of the latest technologies around, all in its quest to be at par or surpass other players in the industry.

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