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As a measure of recognition or success, an education institution’s awards and accreditations can be useful in helping you select which online degree to choose. The reason behind this assertion is that awards are competed for or are usually conducted by credible bodies.

However, it must be noted, there are also many organizations with questionable credibility that organize awards and accreditations throughout the world. These bodies are well organized and have all the necessary image building communication channels like websites to ensure they stay in the game. They are well prepared and geared to send you all sorts of online or SMS marketing messages, to send out, once they get hold of your email or mobile phone contacts.

The most important advice to follow is to make all the efforts to find out which organization is behind the conferment of the award(s).

It is recommended or important to enroll with those that have been awarded well-known credits usually at local, regional level first as well as continental or international levels. An institution that has accreditation bodies that are only available online, with no traceable link to a state government body or located on some remote island nation are usually a red flag.

At Botho University we have accumulated a number of awards over the years that keep transforming our image and profile in a competitive environment. We pride ourselves for having received the following awards:

  • African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM) rated our programmes as good.
  • Selected to validate the process of establishing the Pan African Quality Assurance and Accreditation Framework.
  • “Golden Arrow Award” for Excellence by PMR Africa for Best Higher. Education/Tertiary Institution, Botswana in 2014.
  • AAT International Training Provider of the Year 2014 – the Only institution in Botswana and in Africa to ever be nominated and win the same.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certification in 2013 till date
  • Received ACCA Gold Status in 2014.
  • Only the Prometric Academic Centre & Android Training Centre in Botswana.
  • Leading sporting institution – won all top sporting awards in Botswana, producing national level athletes and sportsmen.

In addition to the above, partnerships do also provide a source of confidence among target audiences. Botho’s partnerships are currently held with the following:

  • Teesside University, UK – Computing, Allied Health Sciences, Sports Management.
  • Ohio University, USA – Hospitality and Sustainable Eco-tourism, curriculum and staff development.
  • Wayne State University, USA – Tourism, Student Exchange.
  • University of Louisville, USA – Student Exchange.
  • Black Hill State University, USA – Student & Staff Exchange.
  • University of Venda, RSA – Computing, Accounting, Student Exchange, building research capacity.
  • Manipal University, India – Jewellery Management and Design, Health Information management, Engineering.
  • Discussions are on with the University of Free State in research related areas.

Students who enroll with Botho University are best assured of associating with a recognized, credible and competitive distance learning courses provider.

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