Whatever your age, whether you’re a millennial or part of Generation X or Z, you should not have to crack your head to find the most ideal educational institution. You might have a full-time job, work part time or just hustling in your “hood”, you need not worry about losing your stride or disturbing what gets you to earn an honest living. 

What you need is a program that offers you exactly that, a chance to do your “thing” while you study!

Botho University (BU), a leading distance learning program (DLP) provider established in Botswana and has now spread across Africa, is emerging as a strong educational powerhouse on the continent and globally, and just what you need to get a timely educational upgrade.  

Botho University’s wide range of study programs are specially tailored to give the best education to any student: Study programs are qualitative, international standards, affordable and self-paced. Offered are internationally accredited online and distance learning programs that are highly rated at a highly competitive price. 

You can qualify with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from faculties including Faculty of Business and

Accounting, Faculty of Computing, Faculty of Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Health and Education and much more. After the BU experience your dream job will be much closer than you think.

Point is, Botswana may be one of the few “small” African countries but it is huge in providing world class education. Out of this tiny, diamond rich nation dessert nation has come a top educational brand gradually carving a niche for itself among the “big boys” in the global educational sphere. Come on, get an upgrade to realize your dream with Botho University Online and Distance Learning Programs. Because you deserve more!

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