Leading Programs at Botho University, Africa

A college education is used by many recruiters and human resources managers to offer jobs or to give promotions. This is because the education you receive under that particular program will be used to gauge your suitability at performing some tasks and not others.

At Botho University, you will be receiving internationally recognized education through campus or online learning modules. The following programs are offered at Botho University:

1. Business and Accounting

Most colleges around Africa and the rest of the world offer the accounting and business courses, but Botswana’s Botho University offers internationally recognized campus and distance learning in accounting. This course is suitable for all business accountants and managers with limited time and / or finances. 

2. Computing

Technological prowess is highly regarded in the current economic and social  setup. An education at Botho University guarantees honors in computing and also master in mobile computing. You should send your application for vast theoretical and practical learning. 

3. Jewelry Management and Design

A course that will give you the skills necessary in business and designing the best jewelry designs. You can also pursue Hospitality & Tourism degrees in Africa at affordable rates because of the reasonable tuition fee set up for you.

4. Education

Teachers are the best resource for impacting knowledge to the underprivileged and even the privileged, you will learn all there is about education at Botho University through campus and online learning modules.

In conclusion, Botho University endeavors to give the best education to local and international students at reasonable rates. You will learn all there is to be learned in your program as well as gain skills in leadership. 

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